Ok, we don’t really like the small print….but it keeps us all right and lets everyone know where they stand.

Places for the SSBX are in high demand. Registration this year will be done through Eventbrite and requires payment at the time of booking.

Once you have registered and paid if you choose not to compete or withdraw, no refunds will be given. Entries are not transferable.

Should the weather forecast mean the event is unlikely to go ahead a decision to cancel will be made at least 24 hours in advance. In these circumstances Aberdeen Snowsports Club will strive to run the event on an alternative date. Competitors will be offered the chance to enter the new date or receive a full refund.

If circumstances dictate that the event has either to be cancelled on the scheduled weekend of the event, or abandoned during it, no refunds will be given.

In the event of cancellation or postponement Aberdeen Snowsports Club are not liable for any incidental costs such as accommodation.

SSBX Rules

The course is set under guidance and jurisdiction of the Technical Delegate and is under the control and rules and regulations of the Race Committee. As far as possible the organising committee will follow FIS rules but we reserve the right to amend the format, structure and timing of the event as required.


Competition is open to skiers and snowboarders, male and female.

For insurance purposes, all competitors need to be members of a Snowsports Club affiliated to a Governing Body. Click here to join Aberdeen Snowsports Club if required.

The minimum age for the event is 8yrs.

There must be a minimum of 4 athletes in an age group to create a category. If not, the athletes in the age group with less than 4 move up or down age groups until a combined age group is created. Where age groups are combined to allow the competition to take place, final rankings will recognise competitors within each of the original categories that have been combined.


By entering the event all competitors acknowledge the risks associated with 4 person racing. Each competitor is fully responsible for themselves. The organising committee and Aberdeen Snowsports Club are not responsible for any accidents or damages resulting from collisions during the event practice, heats and finals.


Helmets are compulsory and it is also strongly suggested that all competitors wear protective gear.


Intentional contact by pushing, pulling or other means which causes another competitor to slow down, fall or exit the course is not allowed and is an automatic disqualification sanction. All contact infractions will be at the discretion of the course Judges and competition Jury. Any competitor who feels they have been deliberately impeded or disadvantaged MUST lodge a protest with the Finish Referee IMMEDIATELY  after the heat in which the incident occurred. Failure to lodge a protest before the next heat commences will result in that protest being disregarded.

Competition Clothing

Cross competition suits must be a two piece (pants and separate top). Form fitting speed or downhill suits are not permitted.


A time period will be allocated for course inspection prior to qualification runs. All competitors are required to participate in timed qualification runs which will occur the day before the final competition. Riders will be seeded into the race starting order in order of their qualification results.

It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that they attend the appropriate briefings, safety/course inspections and qualifying runs. Failure to attend may result in you not being allowed to compete.

Sunday Starting Order

Riders will be distributed evenly through the starting list based on their Saturday qualification times.  In the spirit of inclusiveness all competitors, including those that register a DSQ or DNF in Saturday’s qualifiers will race in the Sunday heats. Competitors with DSQ or DNF will be seeded bottom of their category.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to make sure they are at the Start for their qualification runs on Saturday. If you register for the event but fail to attend the Saturday qualifier you WILL NOT be allowed to compete in Sunday’s heats. There will be no exceptions. Refunds will not be given.


The starting gates will open simultaneously for all competitors. The Starter will give the command “All riders ready, attention…” and within 30 seconds the gates will open and the race begins!

Choice of Starting lane

The choice of starting lane during each heat is based upon the competitor’s qualification ranking (time). First ranked competitor from the qualifications can chose their lane, with the second fastest the next lane and so on.

If a competitor misses their heat, it is considered a disqualification and they will be eliminated from the competition. It is the competitor’s responsibility to arrive at the start in time to compete. The event team will do their best to keep to the publicised times but cannot be held responsible for any changes to the scheduled timetable. Where changes are made, these will be communicated to competitors.

Knockout Qualification

Each round will be single run knockout. The first 2 riders across the finish line will advance to the next round, unless there are 2 riders in a heat in which case the first across the finish line will advance. This process of elimination will continue until the final.

Disqualification Criteria

  • Dangerous behaviour putting at risk third parties or the competitor themselves. Disqualification will be left to the estimation of the Jury and the organising team.
  • Gates (red and blue) will be used to mark the course and the route around all features. Failure to keep on the correct line through the gates will result in disqualification.
  • Failure to attend on Saturday will result in disqualification
  • Missing your heat on Sunday will result in disqualification

This event is brought to you by a dedicated team of volunteers. Please be respectful to them.


Report of Protests

All protests must be reported to the Finish Referee IMMEDIATELY after the heat in which the incident occurred. Protests received after this time will not be accepted. A competitor does not need to stop their run and/or raise their hand if they think that they have been interfered with by another competitor in order to have the right to protest. Competitors should complete their run and raise any protests with the Finish Referee in the finish area.

Handling of disqualifications caused by intentional contact

If a competitor is disqualified because of intentional contact, they will be automatically ranked as last in their heat. All other competitors, even if they are victims of this intentional contact, will be ranked as they came into the finish.

In cases of intentional contact(s), re-runs are not allowed in SSBX. Re-runs will only be considered by the Jury in the case of force majeure or if the competitor(s) were interfered with by other persons or circumstances outside of that presented by fellow competitors in the heat in question.

Final Ranking

Four Person Format

Competitors 1 to 4 are ranked according to their place of finish in the final heat. Competitors 5 to 8 are ranked according to their place of finish in the Small Final.

Podium medals will be awarded based on the results of each final and the competitor’s age category. In the event that two age categories have been combined for competition purposes, the original age categories will be recognised when awarding podium medals meaning that one final could have two gold medallists. Trophies will be awarded to the highest placed competitor of each age category.